Visualfiles Reporting

Reporting at the touch of a button

Rubix Software as well as being official partners of Visualfiles provide a number of solutions to get the information you need at the touch of a button.

With a combined experience of over 50 years of developing Visualfiles solutions we understand, in depth, how you can easily get access to data within your system and make relevant decisions to help run your business.

Our Reporting Services

  • Accounts Data
    • We can help get your accounts data from their Progress Database into a SQL database to allow you to report on this side by side. This makes it simple to have a complete picture of both your case and accounting data together and report upon this.
  • Matter Master creation
    • Linking and joining tables each time you want to query your dataset is very time consuming. We work with Visualfiles customers to create one table which stores all of your key information within this table. This makes it incredibly easy to report from one place all of your data and saves huge amounts of time and resource.
  • Creating the reporting environment
    • We can create the SQL reporting environment to allow your users to access their reporting suite at their fingertips. Your users can then subscribe to reports easily or access these as and when required. This is built on tried and trusted Microsoft Reporting Services technology.
  • Designing the reporting required
    • We help our customers to write the SQL queries and publish these within Microsoft Reporting Services allowing you to run reports; use parameters to filter your data and to present this in a variety of ways.
  • Other Data
    • You are not limited to Visualfiles data, we have worked with clients to include other data within their data set such as telephone information and link this into their Visualfiles records.

Whatever the data problem is, given our experience, we can almost always resolve this for you and provide your users with intelligent reporting ensuring they get the very best from their system.

Get in touch to discuss how Rubix can make help you get the very best from your data.

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Remember we never charge you to understand your requirements and where possible provide fixed fees. Our goal at all times is to save you money and improve efficiency so please do.

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