Rubix has a deep knowledge of reporting and management information so can assist you with getting the very best from your system. We understand both how the Visualfiles data is structured and how to analyse this properly so you can unleash the information in your system.

So, what kind of things can we assist with:

  • Accounts Data - We have helped many clients get their accounts data into a SQL Database meaning you have the power to report fully on both the case and accounts information
  • Custom Datasets - Combine all of your key reporting requirements into one place. Making it incredibly easy to analyse data saving you huge amounts of time and resource
  • Reporting environment - We can create the SQL reporting environment to allow your users to access their reporting suite at their fingertips
  • Power BI - This is increasingly popular and offers interactive reporting presentations. We can help design and implement Power BI reporting to allow you to get the very best from this software
  • Other Data - You are not limited to Visualfiles data, we have worked with clients to include other data within their dataset such as telephony information and link this into their Visualfiles records

Whatever the data problem is, given our experience, we can almost always resolve this for you and provide your users with intelligent reporting ensuring they get the very best from your system.