Rubix Practice Management

Designed by Lawyers Built by Experts

Rubix Practice Management (RPM) is the culmination of 70 years combined experience working within the legal sector

Rubix has delivered a case management system to drive true benefit and value for law firms.

Rubix Practice Manager, a legal practice software, has been designed to provide law firms and their staff with a functional, easy to use and market leading law practice management software that can be integrated into a firm to:

1. Increase operational productivity,

2. Provide full visibility of all legal matters

3. Increase profits.

Key Functions

RPM is packed with functionalities that all law firms need, irrespective of the type of work performed. RPMs recognises that every area of law is different and has been built to be applied across all sectors of a law firm.

Key features of RPM includes

  • Complete matter management
  • Full history of all activity including documents
  • Document generation
  • Email straight from your system
  • Standard document templates
  • Automatic conversion to pdf on document generation
  • All key information is stored within system
  • Concept of ‘to-do’ lists to undertake next actions
  • Electronic signing of documents in minutes
  • Automatic posting to accounts system
  • Complaints system to allow you to respond and record complaints
  • Audit system provided to allow you to demonstrate compliance with auditing requirements.
  • Payment request and authorisation system are built in ensuring with proper safeguards
  • Standardisation OF MLRO procedures
  • COLP/COFA register to allow you to record and investigate any breaches of the SAR OR Code of Conduct
  • Management Information Suite

RPM can also provide additional functionality and is fully integrated into all Rubix Products and services. These additional services include:

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