Customers and work introducers expect an online platform so that they can be kept updated with progress on their case and communicate with you securely 24 hours a day.

However, building a web portal to interact with your Visualfiles system is not easy; it involves building a secure web platform from the ground up; ensuring it communicates with Visualfiles and you then face the challenge of constantly changing the portal as the needs of the business change.

We set ourselves a task to create a complete portal solution which could be installed and configured to precisely your requirements within a couple of days?

We succeeded. 

Rubix Online is a completely dynamic web portal that you control without any web skills whatsoever. Any part of the portal can be changed by you, instantly. It will deal with different case types without the need to change the portal. Out of the box features include

  • Two factor authentication using SMS or email, which can be switched on or off as you require.
  • All section can be fully configured, renamed, or hidden as required including:
    • Case Search
    • Case Details
    • Schedule
    • History
    • Ledger
    • Messaging Case Handlers
    • Document Upload
    • Debt Payments
    • Debt Invoices
    • Recoverable Costs

Rubix Online is ever evolving so we have optional features including: 

  • Payment Gateways with Barclays and NatWest meaning that you can take and process payments from your customers securely. The payment system will update your Visualfiles and accounts system seamlessly.
  • Forms Creator – We have created a function to allow you to build any forms that require completion online from within Visualfiles. Once built using our simple wizard, you can publish these to the portal for the customers to complete. No web skills; Rubix online will do all the hard work. Customers can save partially completed forms and once completed the data is imported automatically into Visualfiles.

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