What is Rubix MailSmart and why is it really smart

Rubix MailSmart scans incoming email in real-time and will determine from the email if it is related to a case in your system. It does this by analysing the contents of the email and using an algorithm determine if the email is related to a case and can be filed. The email is filed automatically without you having to do anything.

The user can easily set flags within the MailSmart outlook add in to show what email have been filed MailSmart will also inject a note of the file reference it has saved it against.

Common things MailSmart will search for include, file reference, matter description and senders email address. However, it can be configured to search for other items.

What happens if the user doesn’t have outlook open?

MailSmart also has its own backend engine which connects to Exchange either on premise or in the cloud. If someone is away from the office and hasn’t opened outlook the backend engine will scan the email and file this for them automatically.

Both the backend engine and outlook add in work in harmony together to ensure email filing in whatever scenario happens beautifully.

Other great features

  • MailSmart will check for disguised characters in email address which are commonly used in phishing scams and alert you.
  • MailSmart can scan, file and automatically reply to emails. For example you have an unmonitored mailbox, if a match cannot be found MailSmart will reply and advise the sender to reply with a reference. MailSmart will then file the reply.
  • MailSmart has been designed from the ground up to work together with Outlook and Exchange wonderfully. It uses the latest Microsoft Graph APIs for its connectivity meaning its fully future proofMailSmart has been designed from the ground up to work together with Outlook and Exchange wonderfully.


    The return on investment is incredibly positive. We estimate it would take less than 1 hour of use per month to pay for itself with the time saved

    Let Rubix MailSmart deal with the email filing whilst your team focus on earning revenue.