Rubix Connect is a work request system specially built for users of Visualfiles.

What does Rubix Connect do?

The software was built due to a necessity for organisations such as in house law firms and local authorities who receive work from people throughout their organisation to handle work requests efficiently.

Rubix Connect is a web portal which allows non-Visualfiles users to request legal work. The portal interacts seamlessly with Visualfiles so that once the work request has been submitted the case is instantly created in Visualfiles. No creating cases manually or double keying of data.

In addition, the user can upload documentation and provide key information you need to get on with the work. 

Rubix Connect does much more than this, however. The user can login and see at any time the progress of their cases with real time information from Visualfiles. They can submit messages to you; upload information needed or provide customer feedback; all in real time without any manual intervention.

However, it gets even better. We realised that not all organisations are the same so Rubix Connect is truly dynamic meaning that you can determine what to display to users and can easily create your own work request forms. No web skills are needed; the portal will allow you within a few clicks to change anything.

As one client advised us, “this is truly a gamechanger”.

Customers save huge amounts of administrative time allowing them to get on with the important legal work whilst letting Rubix Connect do the heavy administrative lifting.

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