Billions of people use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family but did you know businesses can also use WhatsApp to securely communicate to their customers.

Our complete WhatsApp integration for Visualfiles case management system means that you can easily send and receive messages from your customers in real time using WhatsApp Business.

Our software makes sending and receiving WhatsApp messages effortless within Visualfiles. It will show you whether a message has been delivered and read and our user interface built into the Visualfiles system is designed to mirror the familiarity of the WhatsApp mobile app.

However, it does more than this, you can send update templated messages at key points in the case simply by scripting a templated message, for example that "Property completion has taken place".

Need a quick response, simply send your customer an interactive message with quick reply buttons. This allows your customer to respond with their desired outcome. For example "Are you able to attend your medical appointment". The customer is provided with simple Yes and No buttons. Your Visualfiles system can read this response and you can drive workflow from the response accordingly.

For end to end encrypted instant messaging that you have come to expect from WhatsApp and the ability to communicate with your customers all from within Visualfiles then look no further that Rubix Messenger.

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