LMS is the UK’s pre-eminent provider of conveyancing panel management services with 25 years of unrivalled experience, delivering the highest quality bespoke services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

If you work with LMS to provide remortgage services to your customers then there is a requirement to use the LMS Remortgage Case Tracking API.

Rubix Software are pleased to present our API integration for Visualfiles allowing you to use this service on a simple plug and play basis. .

Our software consists of the API Connector software and a comprehensive ADD-IN for Visualfiles which will handle and control around the 150 events which you are required to update to LMS. Our solution deals with the authentication to the API and will dynamically create and validate the update directly to LMS.

All you need to do is to map your data fields from your application(s) into our software and our integration will deal with the rest.

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