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Covid_19 and Highlighting The Need For Law Firms To Adapt

Post by Admin , Jun 15, 2020.

The recent coronavirus epidemic not only highlighted the need for law firms to adapt to remote working, as discussed in our previous blog “AML and Know Your Client” but has also accelerated a need for a review of traditional working practices, that some firms will need to change in order to survive and thrive in a new consumer culture that is becoming ever heavily reliant on technology.  

Established firms looking to improve efficiency and adapt to the increasing need for an agile working culture can look to innovative legal technology developments to provide the solutions they need, however, smaller firms can also make use of technology to compete with the larger firms or local competitors and provide a more efficient and available service to clients.

The right IT solution can come in the form of investing in a robust legal case management system, with benefits that include:


  • Team collaboration and inter-office communication
  • Manage deadlines and improve file organisation
  • Streamlined workflow & Enhanced efficiency 
  • Easy access from any location
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Integration with existing programs and systems
  • Reporting

Finding the right Legal Practice Management system for your law firm can play a big part in its future productivity and success, and there are various solutions (like Rubix RPM) that can help you achieve all of the benefits listed above. Just make sure it is the right one for your firm.  

What is RPM? 


Rubix Practice Manager is a case management system that takes the principles of case management system and improves on them resulting in a best of breed solution for law firms. 


RPM has been designed for law firms with up to 50 users. It provides a functional user interface that is intuitive and simple to implement and manage. 


Recognising that every Law firm approaches technology and case managements systems differently Rubix have delivered a case management solution that operates at a level which every law firm needs to manage its Practice effectively.  


It is a revolutionary step that provides law firms with a software solution that delivers on core needs and provides flexibility enabling the system to be fully adapted into each law firm.   RPM is powered by VisualFiles widely regarded as the UK’s number one Case Management provider but designed by Rubix.  


We understand law firms and how they are managed, and we understand the unique set of challenges that law firms face in running their business.  Law firms are a complex highly regulated environment and the chosen systems need to respect this and operate within this framework.  


RPM is a cost-effective case management tool that is simple to use and effective across all departments in a law firm and it interfaces seamlessly into a range of accounts packages.  

Core features of RPM include: -

  • Case creation and contact management
  • Robust time recording solution
  • Complete file history
  • Integrated into Microsoft products
  • Full regulation and compliance system including complaints manager
  • Template letter and bespoke document generation
  • Fully integrated accounts solution
  • Case diary and case transaction scheduling
  • Management information suite

RPM is in a class of its own. It has been specifically designed for law firms who require an effective, competitively priced solution that meet the requirements of all firms but has the capacity to be developed and grow with your firm. 


Rubix are experts in this industry and taken our experience of working with law firms and combined this with our knowledge of software to craft the optimum solution. 


For a Case Management System that will understand your business and work seamlessly with you RPM should be your only choice.  


You can connect to Rubix via phone 0203 947 3695, email or by visiting our website and making an online enquiry.  


A demonstration is free and any quotation is without obligation.  

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