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AML spot checks, ProveID from Rubix

AML Spot Checks and Compliance Solutions with Rubix ProveID.

Post by Admin , Apr 14, 2020.

The UK's stringent AML and KYC guidelines recommend a risk-based approach to money laundering prevention and in March, The Solicitors Regulation Authority have reinforced their focus on how firms manage their Anti Money laundering Strategy and control the risk of Money Laundering. The SRA continue to be concerned about firms approach to AML and will be continuing spot checks on firms through 2020.


The SRA have made it clear in their update that whilst they will take a proportionate approach and take into account mitigating circumstances they will still apply the rules and follow the principles and will be expecting law firms to ensure they have a robust approach to AML and ensure their policies, procedures, recording and actions are in line with the Money Laundering Regulation.


This is a requirement of law firms and the SRA are aware that many firms have not been keeping their AML policies up to date to meet both their expectations and that of the statue. It is not quite clear on how or if the SRA will continue with pro-active spot checks for AML but law firms should be prepared.


Compliance Solutions

For a firm to ensure they pass an SRA audit or spot check they must ensure their AML policy and approach is up to date and this is achieved through ensuring various expectations and obligations have occurred and continued to be monitored. Amongst other factors, it will be crucial to ensure appropriate measures are in place to identify all clients using appropriate resources and thereby ensure client due diligence (CDD) is undertaken on all clients (private and commercial).

Rubix Prove ID is software that has been designed to provide a seamless integration between VisualFiles Case Management Systems and Experian to undertake these checks with a one click process.  No more entering information into different systems, it really is a one click solution to send the information securely to Experian, gather the information you need and make sure a complete record is held within your case management system.

A decision on the authenticity of the identity is provided in real-time with an easy to interpret traffic light system. Fast and confident decisions can then be made as to whether the transaction is genuine. The software records the outcome of the search automatically for auditing purposes and ensures you can demonstrate compliance to regulation.

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