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Updating your Case Management System to Strengthen your Law Firm

Post by Admin , Mar 31, 2020.



With law firms adjusting to the current COVID 19 crisis, there is a need to also keep staff busy and occupied, delivering services or taking action to manage and preserve the firm.


Whilst the government has offered businesses assistance through job retention scheme (furlough of employees) there are flaws to this. For example, the most significant concern about the scheme is that employees placed onto furlough status are unable to work for the employer.  This means that should a member, who has been placed on furlough, undertake any work the employer cannot make use of the job retention scheme.


Due to the way in which a law firms operates, and the skill sets of the employee, particularly in small and medium firms, it will be difficult to furlough certain staff without potentially damaging the firm, as individuals or teams possess the knowledge and experience to process a work type.  Therefore removing the person or team would mean cessation of the service which may not be practical and put the firm at risk. As a consequence, law firms may find themselves in a position where they cannot take advantage of the government’s funding which puts additional financial pressure on the business and having to retain staff on full contract despite not having a full role.




One of the aspects that firms can consider, if they find themselves in these circumstances, is to review, update and manage their case management system.


It is a common reality that in the day to day running of a law firm that updating and reviewing systems and rewriting aspects such as work flows or standard letters often fall to the wayside with running of the business and servicing clients being at the forefront. With those staff who cannot be furloughed is it possible to allocate them tasks relating to the system and processes and through doing so utilise their time?


Rubix Software are experts in programming and developing systems and in particular the Lexis Nexis VisuaFiles product. If you are a firm that has the Lexis Nexis VisualFiles system, you will know only too well that your case management system solution requires updating and management so that you can achieve the best from it. Whilst some firms will have internal developers many do not, which can sometimes lead to change being slow.


Rubix has a team of developers who understand the legal industry and can work with and assist firms in maximising their use of their chosen case management system. Our team understand how law firms operate and therefore can make an impact immediately.


Whilst at this point in time, it may seem counter intuitive to spend money and time on developing your case management system, it may also prove to be a sensible and necessary task for strengthening the sustainability of the firm.

We are seeing firms starting to use their resource to consider and review their systems for the following reasons:-


  • They have considered the current crises and how their systems are not assisting with the management and supervision of the firm and they wish to re-engineer the platform to make working practices better for the business
  • Consideration has been given to areas of growth and the need to ready the firm for incoming work in higher volumes, such as property which will return in time or private client work which is on the increase currently. Firms are responding to this potential need by preparing their systems to cope with an influx of work.
  • They have the resource to use and wish to direct that resource to assist in developing better systems.

If you are a firm that considers its systems do require a refresh, and you have spare resource this is the time to put your resource to use and tackle projects and issues that, in the ordinary course of events may not get completed. Combining your resource with the expertise and knowledge of Rubix, can fast track the development of a system project which will add value and clear benefits to the firm.  


Support From Rubix


Rubix software are experts in the management and updating of case management systems with specific expertise in VisualFiles. We work with firms both on a project an ongoing basis to develop their systems.  We work with teams not just on designing changes required to the system but also to assist in the management of a workflow rebuild project or general IT project work.


Due to our knowledge of the legal industry and the work we do with firms, Rubix has a uniqueness that other legal software business simply do not possess.


With extensive experience of software and case management system development, Rubix will accelerate and simplify the task of organising and managing development projects and tasks.


The preparation work by the firm, sometimes with external expertise, is the time consuming elements of a software development.  Once you have decided how you want the system to operate this will need to be mapped out in a way that the developers can interpret and programme the changes. Building such workflows and instructional documents for developers is a speciality of Rubix and we can bring new and additional expertise to programme your system in a timely and cost effective way.


We then have the developers who can programme the systems to meet your exact requirements.


To discuss how Rubix approach system development projects and in particular VisualFiles development, you can contact us on 020 3947 3695, Email us visit our website to make an online enquiry

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