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Why should my law firm use E-signatures?

Post by Admin , Mar 27, 2020.


Does your firm currently make use of e-signing technology? With the current COVID 19 Crises forcing firms to adjust their ways of working, making use of e-sign technology has become more important now than ever before.

Rubix Sign is a cost effective solution that could be your answer

Why should my law firm use E-signatures?

Most businesses understand the importance of technology to aid security, customer service and to assist with regulation compliance. However, whilst e-signatures are not a new concept and many customers are comfortable with the software, there are still many law firms who are still not opting out of paper documents in favour of digital ones.

But why should a law firm embrace e-signatures as an alternative to handwritten ones? Here are some of the benefits you should consider:

  • Legal Compliance

In 2019, The Law Commission confirmed that electronic signatures can be used to execute documents, including where there is a legal requirement for a signature. This means that, in most cases, handwritten signatures can be replaced by electronic signatures.

However, the Commission found that some parties are still uncertain over whether an electronic signature can be used in specific situations.

In the report, the Law Commission set out a simple statement of the law to end that uncertainty and increase confidence in the use of this technology.


Commercial and Common Law Commissioner, Stephen Lewis, said:


“Electronic signatures can offer quicker and easier transactions for businesses and consumers.

“Our report aims to provide an accessible statement of the law which makes it clear that an electronic signature can generally be used in place of a handwritten signature as long as the usual rules on signatures are met.”

  • Increase Efficiency – Digitally signed document vs Paper document

Finding ways to increase efficiency and improve customer service provision are always top of mind in any business. Delays in traditional document management between client and case-handler have long been a frustration for law firms and can be one of the main reasons the entire case process is impeded. 

By utilising electronic signatures, the entire process is sped up due to a more simple procedure of sharing and exchanging documents and obtaining necessary signatures.

  • Reduce Costs

Improving efficiency will obviously improve profitability, but e-signatures bring with them another added benefit. If your law firm can cut the use of paper documents, you will be able to reduce the need for the associated costs. For example; printing equipment, ink for cartridges, postal costs etc. With electronic signature plans – see ours below – the savings are clear to see.

  • Improve Reliability

When a document is signed electronically all information added to the document is encrypted which means that the risk of an illegally forged signature is hugely reduced. With a digital signature, information about the person who signed it is provided and with it comes the ability to verify that the document has not been altered or forged after signing.

  • Environmentally sound

Many firms are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are looking at ways to be more environmentally conscious. “Paperless” solutions are just one of the ways a law firm can contribute to reducing the impact that paper consumption can have on the environment.

Conclusion and solution

E-signature solutions are an opportunity to improve profitability, speed up business processes to improve efficiency and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Whilst completely moving to a paperless office might not be a viable option for some, e-signatures are a step in the right direction and one that can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.

Rubix Sign - Digital Signature Solution

Rubix Sign has been designed with Law Firms in mind, providing a digital signature software solution that improves customer experience, maximises ROI and ensures compliance. Our electronic signature solution allows you to get documents signed securely, legally and in a matter of minutes.

Rubix Sign can integrate seamlessly with Visualfiles and your case management system, meaning that as soon as the document is signed it is instantly added to your case history ensuring that you will never lose track of important documents.

The process adding a document could not be easier. Simply send the document using our software to the recipients' email address and using any device legally sign documents online in seconds.

Need more than 1 person to sign the document? Rubix Sign allows you to send more than 1 document to more than 1 recipient. It really is that easy!

This is a market leading solution that is very cost effective. The price is


1.       Installation and set-up = £150 for up to 5 users and then £10 per user (a ‘user’ is the people in your firm that will use the service)

2.       50p per envelope which contains a document or documents for signature


There are no other hidden charges. Once you are set up you are charged 50p per envelope and an envelope can contain multiple signatures.


Set up will take a few days and once created you will have you own firm profile and which users can access for the web portal.

Still not sure and want a free trial, then get in touch and send 20 documents for free and experience the power of Rubix Sign for yourself.

To see the power of Rubix Sign in action contact us for a demonstration of our software Or call 0203 947 3695

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