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How digitalisation of your work processes can improve the efficiency of your law firm

Post by Admin , Mar 20, 2020.

Digital Transformation of Work Processes 

Legal-tech innovation has continued to evolve with no signs of slowing down, and perhaps now more than ever, law firms will be relying on robust technology solutions to improve efficiency and continuation of service to their clients should a crises emerge. 

However, with so many legal tech solutions available, what does digitisation mean for your law firm? From client communication, compliance, case management and document generation, even the very basic legal matter involves multiple processes. 

Finding a sensible solution that works for your firm to digitise these processes has the potential to reduce the likelihood of errors, speed up routine and repetitive tasks, improve efficiency and make your law firm more productive. McKinsey & Company suggests that 23% of lawyers’ time can be automated. This would leave more time to concentrate on more complex, bespoke work, where automation cannot replace the knowledge, expertise and consultation that a client would wish for from their solicitor and allow for the law firm to leverage strong client relationships. 

What processes can a law firm benefit from digital transformation? 

There are not many limits to what legal practice processes can be improved by digital transformation and almost any aspect of a work process can benefit from this.  Here are a few that could be considered:

  • Standard document processing
  • Online document access and completion
  • Online case updates through dedicate client portals
  • SMS updates, case tracking and key activity reporting
  • Electronic Signature of documents – e-signing
  • Integrated compliance check software
  • Scheduling of core tasks through workflow management
  • Automated communication

As well as improving efficiency, automated work processes can also help firms comply with their regulatory obligations.


Solutions for your law firm


Our founding team has over 70 years combined experience working in the Legal and Insurance industries. Our solutions are designed to increase productivity and reduce expenses.


Rubix ProveID. Compliance in one click.


The UK's stringent AML and KYC guidelines recommends a risk-based approach to money laundering prevention. Rubix Prove ID is software which we have designed and provides a seamless integration between Visualfiles and Experian to undertake these checks with a one click process.

No more entering information into different system it really is a one click solution to send the information securely to Experian, gather the information you need and make sure a complete record is held within Visualfiles. Find out more about ProveID here


Rubix Sign - Digital Signature Solution

In September 2019, the Law Commission confirmed that digital signatures are valid and electronic signatures can be used to execute documents, including where there is a statutory requirement for a signature. This means that, in most cases, electronic signatures can be used as a viable alternative to handwritten ones.


Rubix Sign has been designed with Law Firms in mind, providing a digital signature software solution that improves customer experience, maximises ROI and ensures compliance. Our electronic signature solution allows you to get documents signed securely, legally and in a matter of minutes.

Rubix Sign can integrate seamlessly with Visualfiles and your case management system, meaning that as soon as the document is signed it is instantly added to your case history ensuring that you will never lose track of important documents. Need more than 1 person to sign the document? Rubix Sign allows you to send more than 1 document to more than 1 recipient. It really is that easy! Find out more about Rubix Sign here


Visualfiles Development


If your firm uses VisualFiles as their case management system you will already be enjoying the benefits that this market leading software brings to your firm. However, to get the most out of the system development is essential.


At Rubix Software we have expert VisualFiles developers ready to assist you. Our developers are from a legal background who have been skilled in the development of VisualFiles which enables us to interpret and understand your needs quickly saving you time and money.


VisualFiles development experts with years of experience


Rubix Software as well as being official partners of VisualFiles provide various application solutions out of the box, including:

·         Conveyancing

Covering both the sale and purchase transaction to be completed quickly and efficiently with integrations with third party services.


·         Costs System

A full functioning costs system from initial instruction to drafting of the bill or schedule, service, enforcement and recovery of costs.


·         First Notification of Loss

Covering simple damage claims, personal injury, credit hire or other enquires received into the firm.


·         Credit Hire Recovery

Handle the recovery of credit hire losses and other losses from notification to litigation.


·         Debt Application 

Application to easily take details of any debt and pursue this action via litigation including full calculation of court fees, debt interest and all associated costs.


·         Re-mortgage application 

Including Transfer of Equity, Unencumbered transfers and Shared Ownership


·         PI Applications

These include First Notification, portal submission, all pre-action work and all litigation workflows.


In addition to providing expert advice on getting the very best from your VisualFiles system, building you a tailored solution that enhances the efficiency of your law firm, we also undertake and provide bespoke software development which includes custom built application development with integration with third party products.


Rubix are experts in this industry.  We have taken our experience of working with law firms and combined this with our knowledge of software to craft optimum efficiency and compliance solutions. Other legal technology products include:






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