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Are Emails Killing the Productivity and Profitability of Your Law Firm?

Post by Admin , Mar 10, 2020.

Whilst technology in the legal sector has continued to advance in recent years, email still acts as a staple form of communication. However, ensuring you can effectively manage and keep track of emails that come in and out of your firm can be a real challenge.

A study by The McKinsey Global Institute suggested that the average employee can spend 650 hours a year on the management of their emails, and in knowledge intensive industries such as the legal sector, that rises to almost a third. If 28% of the workweek is lost to this time-consuming work activity, how can law firms take charge of and boost their employees’ productivity?

What are the issues emails can cause a law firm?


  • Isolation – depending on your email software, it typically will not centralise the content for you and your firm will be reliant on each user being organised enough to save relevant information to client case files or with other fee earners on the same client file.
  • Lack of organisation – keeping track of emails and keeping them organised is normally down to the individual user. Even though most email software providers offer some tools: folders, rules, tags etc. the responsibility is still on the user to put those tools to use and stick to them, and how do you ensure everyone in your firm is sticking to the same process to keep email communication organised and matter-centric?
  • Email Search – whilst greatly improved, searching emails with built in software can be temperamental and frustrating if you need to find urgent past communication quickly. Additionally, and linked to the isolation issue above, the email search function is done individually meaning that finding centralised emails can only happen if emails have been saved correctly. 

Email Solutions for Law Firms


Rubix MailMinder provides law firms with a cost effective solution to these fundamental challenges and make an onerous task manageable. This clever automation tool has been designed specifically for law firms to organise and manage emails, and do it in a matter-centric way. It works seamlessly, without impacting on users, providing 24/7 monitoring on all devices.

MailMinder - A software solution that attaches itself to a firms email exchange server and reads all communication that passes through it. The software does not impact on the user’s desktop or mobile experience, as it sits at server level (both local and cloud). Due to this, MailMinder will monitor, based on a set of rules and indicative keywords, all email traffic to and from the firm. The system will then take action based on the requirements of each firm.


MailMinder + - As an extension of the standard MailMinder solution, MailMinder + will also interact with the firms history of a particular case on their case management system and post to that history a copy of any outgoing or incoming email that has not already been stored. Through doing so, firms can be assured that all correspondence attaching to a case file will be recorded properly, in the appropriate order - providing full visibility to all across the firm.

The MailMinder email management system has been developed with law firms in mind to address obvious issues arising from advancements in technology, allowing law firms and their owners to gain back control.

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