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Bespoke Software Development. The Advantages For Your Business

Post by Admin , Feb 27, 2020.

What is bespoke software development?

Whist off-the-shelf software solutions are designed to cover a broad spectrum of business requirements and to fit a wide range of customers, bespoke software design is a tailor-made software solution which is developed for one client only, designed specifically to fit their business objectives. 

What are the pros and cons for bespoke software development?

-       Time and Cost

It is true that out of the box software solutions are ready instantly to download or install, whilst a bespoke software build takes time and expertise to develop the desired solution. For example, bespoke software will include phases such as design, development, testing and install. For this reason, the cost for bespoke development is usually higher at the beginning and will take in to consideration the development time, specific requests and feature requirements. Whilst a business can gain instant access to out-of-the-box solutions and find up-front costs lower, bespoke development is by far the most cost effective and future-proof solution as over time, custom built solutions will save your business both time and money. For example:

  • It is built to fit your business; your business does not need to fit to the software
  • You will own the software, no long-term licence or subscription fees
  • Usability is easy
  • No annoying upgrades or plug-in updates
  • More robust
  • Can easily be scaled to grow with your business
  • Easy instant access to ongoing support

-       After sales support and maintenance

Whilst well known out-of-the-box commercial software automatically comes with a large online knowledge base that can be easy to access when looking for fixes to common tech issues, more advanced solutions to problems can be difficult to resolve, will have a cost attached and can be restrictive. Additionally, if a solution is not immediately available and you require access to a support centre, waiting for responses to support calls or automated help-tickets can be extremely frustrating. This can also lead to further costs should you require a higher level of tech support to resolve your issues. 

With bespoke software, you instantly have access to the highest level of support. Not only will you receive fast response times, but your developer will be able to provide a solution or upgrade tailored to your business or technical requirements. Your relationship will be directly with the team that built your software for you, which ensures support is far superior and in the best interest for your business.

Maintenance and software updates are also a major factor in any business solution. Whilst open-source or off-the-shelf software solutions can be the cheapest option initially, they normally come with a large number of required updates, that if not maintained can cause usability and security issues. With bespoke software, the systems are designed to be developed to your requirements, and nothing is installed or updated without your request or before testing is complete.

-       Business Connectivity, Usability and Growth

Finding an open-source or off-the-shelf software solution that can seamlessly connect with the various aspects and processes of your business can be difficult. Whilst there are some software solutions that can integrate with other services via plug-ins for example, there will be costs involved for some, plus there can be compatibility issues if you need to connect more complex business solutions or providers. 

Having software designed specifically to your business requirements, that takes all your business aspects and processes in to consideration, will ensure a best solution is designed to fit your business, you do not have to try and fit your business to the software. Additionally bespoke software development ensures that systems grow as your business does and will be designed to respond to the requirements of the user, ensuring that usability is clear and intuitive.

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