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Changing your case management system

Post by Admin , Feb 24, 2020.

Looking to change your case management system?


Changing or updating your case management system can be a daunting prospect for any law firm and one that requires careful consideration.

There are a number of systems in the market all of which promise to deliver enhanced efficiency, processing of work and ease of use but as law firms differ in approach choosing the best system is not straightforward.

Case management systems are installed to make life easier but firms will be controlled by the work they do and the budget they have.

An important part of the decision making process is to identify what your firms needs and the budget you have for your systems both now and in the future.

Once you have looked at your business and understood your system requirements and set a budget that the firm can afford only then can you enter the market to see what is available.

This process will enable you to manage the issues that the system cannot address to ensure users are aware or you may want to re-assess your budget to ensure that all critical elements are covered and users are educated and on the functions of the system.

When you have understood these two critical elements and you can identify system that meet you budget you can then analyse what you budget can allow you afford and importantly identify where the system falls short of your requirements.

The selection of system is not always obvious and owners and managers of firms can spend significant amounts of time reviewing and assessing the options and without full knowledge of the system attributes can find the task daunting and not always ending with the best choice of system.

If you do not possess the technical knowledge, you are reliant on the other or the skills of the sales people and that can become dangerous territory.

With these tasks completed the next step is the implementation of the system which require careful planning and consideration and should never be rushed. Regardless of your chosen systems requirements time table it is important that the firm stays in control of their implementation as getting it wrong often results in poorly deployed systems and user disengagement.

The keys steps in to changing or updating your case management system are summarised as: -

  1. Understand requirements
  2. Agree budget
  3. Review systems
  4. Analyse potential issues and understand limitations
  5. Re- assess budget
  6. Review and choose the best fit system
  7. Build an implementation schedule
  8. Commence implementation
  9. Train
  10. Review
  11. Train
  12. Review
  13. Launch
  14. Review

It is important to continually review the system and its application and to address issues as they arise. Not every system enables you to adapt and change the platform to suit your own firm but some do and analysing this is essential.

Rubix Software work with firms to bring our knowledge of the legal market, technology and case management systems to ensure firms understand the market and make the correct choices. We work with firms to save time and money through getting it right first time.

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