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Can Your Case Management System Also Undertake A Risk Review?

Post by Admin , Feb 14, 2020.

Law firms are a complex highly regulated environment and any chosen systems need to respect this and operate within this framework.

Whilst larger law firms may have the resources available to them to employ centralised compliance teams or expensive software, smaller firms can find it a struggle to demonstrate clear and compliant processes in-line with regulatory requirements.  Failure to comply however, could lead to regulatory action, fines and damage to reputation.

Rubix Practice Management

RPM is in a class of its own, taking the principles of a case management system and improving on it to provide a best of breed solution for law firms.


Our case management system has been designed for smaller law firms with up to 50 users. It provides a functional user interface that is intuitive and simple to implement and manage.  Cost effective and proven to increase efficiency, this clever case management system can help smaller firms gain the accuracy, consistency and accountability for the whole firm.

Key features of RPM includes

·         Case creation and contact management  

·         Robust time recording solution  

·         Complete file history  

·         Integrated into Microsoft products 

·         Full regulation and compliance system including complaints manager 

·         Template letter and bespoke document generation  

·         Fully integrated accounts solution  

·         Case diary and case transaction scheduling  

·         Management information suite 


Transparent Regulatory Efficiency


Along with a range of case management features, Rubix RPM can assist law firms streamline their compliance procedures with core features that include:


  •  COLP and COFA Register – Record online any breaches or potential breaches of the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Solicitors Code of Conduct. Record the breach, action taken and outcome. Run data from the system for monitoring and reporting purposes. 
  •  AML procedures – Set the procedure for Anti money laundering within the firm. Have a standardised minimum expectation of checks to undertake across the firm or by department and in built escalation procedures. 
  •  Complaint Register – Ability to record a complaint from within a case, identify action to be taken, record the outcome of the complaint and consequences such as compensatory payment or fine, with capability to run management information and produce information on complaints for analysis and action.
  • Auditing and Risk Profiling – Ability to undertake a case and risk review from within the case and record the outcome of the review within the case. Also enable actions from any review to be taken and change the risk rating of the case with consequential action such as escalation or blocking further spend on items such as disbursements.
  •  Accounts Interface – The system will fully interface with the accounts functionality enabling the case management system and accounts package to sync at all times with information always up to date and correct.


RMP has been specifically designed for law firms who require an effective, competitively priced solution that meets the requirements of all firms but has the capacity to be developed and grow with you.  We recognise that every area of law is different and have developed a system that can be applied across all legal sectors of a law firm.


Optional Add-on Features include: -

  • Email Monitoring tools
  • SMS Technology direct from the system
  • Third party system integration
  • Bespoke Reporting and report suites
  • Address finder to easily identify addresses

For pricing or a demonstration, you can call us on 0203 947 3695 – email us or complete an online enquiry.


Rubix are experts in the legal industry.  We have taken our experience of working with law firms and combined this with our knowledge of software to craft optimum efficiency and compliance solutions. Other legal technology products include:


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For a demonstration of Rubix Practice Management or any of our other products please call us on 0203 947 3695, email us at or click here to make an online enquiry.



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