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Software Development – Should you develop your own systems?

Post by Admin , Jan 27, 2020.

Are you a business that has some specific and bespoke requirements for systems and you cannot find the solution that you need from ‘off the shelf’ products?

For any business, it is frustrating when you cannot get the system you need to run your business and you have to compromise your processes to fit what you do into a system that is not quite what you need. Making such sacrifices will have an impact on your business and ‘work arounds’ are not really acceptable to your business or staff.

The solution to this issue is to develop your own systems using the knowledge of your business and staff to build a platform that works as you want it to and therefore fits to your processes and not those of others.

Five advantages of having your own system will include: -

1.       Ownership – with a system built for you by Rubix you will own it and avoid ongoing licence costs which, with a purchased system can be significant over time.

2.       Bespoke – the system will be bespoke to you. It will include the knowledge and intelligence of your business and be built to deliver on the needs of your business, its staff and customers. Having a bespoke system will give you a competitive advantage

3.       Ongoing Development – you are in control of ongoing development of the system. With a bespoke system you will have the ability to adapt and change the system yourself or with your IT partner. Rubix solutions will be built on well know programming meaning you can use both Rubix to develop the system or your own resource as required.

4.       Flexibility - With an off the shelf product that is hard coded, you will not be able to change the system to meet your requirements. Off the shelf systems tend to be a one size fits all and if you want to make change (or someone else does) it affects all users and not just your firm. You therefore have to wait for changes to come and that may never happen. You may also inherit changed others have pushed for that you do not want.

5.       Cost – Although it is true to say that the initial work for development of a system would be more than an off the shelf product, the longer term position is often cheaper for reasons provided.

Often, the concern with developing your own system is the cost. At Rubix Software we work with businesses to ensure that they are fully aware of the cost of delivery of the system and in a frame that meets the budget of the business.

Delivering a solution is not as expensive as businesses may think. Controlling budget is about sensibly approaching system requirements, understanding what the system is to be utilised for and the technology available. Rubix will guide you through a systematic approach to development and delivery of your system and will work with you to achieve your goals in a budget that works for you.

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