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Getting The Most Out Of VisualFiles

Post by Admin , Jan 21, 2020.
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Does your firm use VisualFiles as its Case Management System?


More than ever law firms are under pressure to develop smarter ways of working to improve service yet retain or improve profitability enabling them to compete in today’s legal market . As a result, many law firms are seeking technology solutions that enable them to introduce automation, increase efficiency and satisfy compliance issues seamlessly, without detracting from their lawyers’ unique skills.

If you are a firm that has chosen the VisualFiles platform you are already a step ahead.

VisualFiles is a market leading Case Management solution for Law Firms which has been designed to drive efficiency and profitability whilst also managing risk and compliance challenges. However are you getting the most out of your chosen system?


Bespoke VisualFiles Programing and Reporting

A key benefit of VisualFiles is that it can be programmed and tailored to meet the exact needs of your firm, staff and clients. With the ability to drive bespoke and customisable workflows and management tools, the VisualFiles platform provides a one stop solution for case management.

At Rubix Software we have expert VisualFiles programmers who can help you unlock the full potential of your Case Management System platform. From assisting you with extracting and reporting of data through to building workflows and interfaces with third party software, Rubix Software has the knowledge and experience to deliver a state of the art solution for your firm.

With a combined experience of over 50 years of developing VisualFiles solutions we understand, in depth, how you can easily get access to data within your system and make relevant decisions to help run your business.

Our Reporting Services:

Accounts Data

We can help get your accounts data from their Progress Database into a SQL database to allow you to report on this side by side. This makes it simple to have a complete picture of both your case and accounting data together and report upon this.


Matter Master Creation

Linking and joining tables each time you want to query your dataset is very time consuming. We work with VisualFiles customers to create one table which stores all of your key information within this table. This makes it incredibly easy to report from one place all of your data and saves huge amounts of time and resource.

Creating the reporting environment

We can create the SQL reporting environment to allow your users to access their reporting suite at their fingertips. Your users can then subscribe to reports easily or access these as and when required. This is built on tried and trusted Microsoft Reporting Services technology.

Designing the reporting required

We help our customers to write the SQL queries and publish these within Microsoft Reporting Services allowing you to run reports; use parameters to filter your data and to present this in a variety of ways.

Other Data

You are not limited to VisualFiles data, we have worked with clients to include other data within their data set such as telephone information and link this into their VisualFiles records.

Whatever the data problem is, given our experience, we can almost always resolve this for you and provide your users with intelligent reporting ensuring they get the very best from their system.

For a no obligation discussion on how we can help you develop your case management solution contact us on 0203 947 3695 or email us at

Get the most out of your Case Management System and unlock its full potential by speaking to the experts.

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