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Legal Case Management Systems to fit your Law Firm

Post by Admin , Oct 31, 2019.

Ensure you adapt your Legal Case Management System  to your Law firm – not your firm to your system

At the heart of RPM is our promise to firms that our system fits to your law firm and you do not have to change processes and systems to fit RPM.

 With RPM there is no compromise.

Our goal was to deliver a system that understands the core requirements for the management of a law firm and delivery of legal services.

 Regardless of the department you work in or the legal service you provide, RPM sits at the heart of everything you do providing a simple and effective user interface that ensures all in the firm can use the system for their basic needs and those who wish to develop more advanced solutions can do so without impacting the rest of the firm.

 For too long firms have had to acquire systems and change what they do. Change to improve a function or process should be welcomed but change to enable a system to fit into your firm should be unwelcome.

 With RPM you get a system that will seamlessly integrate into your firm but have the capability to be developed and moulded to shape itself to your firm and your staff and clients.

Each firm that installs RPM will have a case management system that works for them, is bespoke for them and is owned by them.

Why RPM is your Case Management System of choice?

Rubix Practice Manager is the case management system that firms have been waiting for. Our easy to use, functional system takes the best the market has to offer and combines this into an effective system that sits at the heart of a law firm.

 RPM is sensitive to the differing needs of each department and delivers a system that can be used by all BUT can be developed to enhance case handling techniques in areas that need it without affecting the rest of the firm.

Core ingredients of our standard system are: -

  •  Matter Management – Ability to open a file that will integrate with your accounts package, store customer information and set diary dates for case reviews and matter tracking. Dependent on case type the ability to access documentation and precedents relevant to the case.
  • COLP and COFA Register – Record online any breaches of potential breaches of the Solicitors Accounts Rules and Solicitors Code of Conduct. Record the breach, action taken and outcome. Run data from the system for monitoring and reporting purposes.
  • MLRO procedures – Set the procedure for Anti money laundering within the firm. Have a standardised minimum expectation of checks to undertake across the firm or by department and in-built escalation procedures.
  • Complaint Register – Ability to record a complaint from within a case, identify action to be taken, record the outcome of the complaint and consequences such as compensatory payment or fine. Ability to run management information and produce information on complaints for analysis and action.
  • Auditing and Risk Profiling – Ability to undertake a case and risk review from within the case and record the outcome of the review within the case. Also enable actions from any review to be taken and change the risk rating of the case with consequential action such as escalation or blocking further spend on items such as disbursements.
  • Case History - Each file will have a case history which will save all letters, emails or notes to the history. This will include incoming post if required and the firm has the technical capability to do so.
  • Letter, memo and email generation – Ability to generate letters and emails from within a case which will automatically post the correspondence to the case history

Accounts Interface – The system will fully interface with the accounts functionality enabling the case management system and accounts package to sync at all times with information always up to date and correct.

Time Recording & Fees – Full time recording functionality enabling case handlers to record time spent per matter. The system also enables the entering of a fixed or capped fee which, when reached can alert the case handler and supervisor that the fee has been reached or exceeded enabling action to be taken.

Profiles – Each user of the system will have a profile which can restrict actions they can and cannot take on the system.

E-signing – One click document signing module enabling clients and other parties to receive documents via secure email and return signed documents that are integrated into the case management system.

Rubix Practice Manager has been developed for law firms by legal industry experts. We have listened to the market and we have developed a solution that addresses the issues firms find with their existing systems.

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