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Post by , Dec 18, 2017.
Our Products

Rubix Software works with Law Firms developing business efficiency solutions that deliver all of the above.

We have a deep understanding of how Law Firms operate, having worked closely with and for the industry for over 15 years. Law Firms operate in a heavily regulated and competitive market that has seen and continues to see frequent changes. We work with you to ensure that your Firm can retain healthy profits and reduce costs, despite financial pressures that can make this a challenge.

"Law Firms operate in a heavily regulated and competitive market that has seen and continues to see frequent changes"

Our proven technology solutions have been developed specifically to enhance what Law Firms do, working in tandem with your existing Case Management system. 

Our pricing is competitive and we have flexible payment options. Most of our products are based on fixed fees or licence fees paid annually/monthly.



Our Products include:

1.       Rubix ABC – A business process efficiency solution that works in tandem with your Case Management system and other business systems.

2.       Rubix MailMinder – A mail management software solution that organises email and posts them directly to your Case Management system.

3.       Rubix Signable – An online document processing and signature system.

4.       Rubix Prove ID – Linked directly into Experian, enabling an interface between their ‘Know Your Client’ software and your Case Management system.

5.       Rubix Address Finder – An address finding solution that sits in your Case Management software.

For more information on each of our products visit our website

Our demonstration is free and takes up to 1 hour. We can visit you or arrange a web demonstration. Call us on 0203 973 0975 or email us at and we will give you a call to discuss how Rubix can engage with your Firm.

Design, Develop, Support

Remember we never charge you to understand your requirements and where possible provide fixed fees. Our goal at all times is to save you money and improve efficiency so please do.

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