Rubix MailMinder & MailMinder + An essential tool for Law Firm Management.

MailMinder provides law firm with an automated solution for management of all emails into and out of the firm.

All firms need support with managing their firm and where difficult tasks can be automated the day to day management and regulatory requirements become less onerous.

With the majority of people choosing email as their primary source of communication law firms and their owners lose visibility of email traffic coming into and leaving their firm. With a number of staff having remote access to their emails the task of monitoring the content of emails and supervision becomes extremely difficult.

Rubix MailMinder provides law firms with a cost effective solution to solve this problem and make an onerous task manageable. It works seamlessly, without impacting on users providing 24/7 monitoring on all devices.

MailMinder - A software solution that attaches itself to a firms email exchange server and reads all communication that passes through it. The software does not impact on the user’s desktop experience of their email but as it sits at server level (both local and cloud). Due to this, MailMinder will monitor, based on a set of rules and indicative keywords, all email traffic to and from the firm. The system will then take action based on the requirements of each firm.

MailMinder + - As an extension of the standard MailMinder solution, MailMinder + will also interact with a firms history on their case management system and post to that history a copy of any outgoing or incoming email that has not already been store. Through doing so, firms can be assured that all correspondence attaching to a case file will be recorded properly in the appropriate order providing full visibility to all across the firm.

The MailMinder solutions have been developed with law firms in mind to address obvious issues arising from advancements in technology and to put law firms and their owners back in control.

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